Opiniones de Booking

  • "... The staff is great ..."
  • "... Overall I liked everything, personal contact has been unbeatable, excellent cleaning environment, swimming pool ... "
  • "... Sleep in the hut in the middle of nowhere, transmits tranquility and peace ... "
  • "... The place itself is an experience ..."
  • "... The friendliness of the staff ..."

Opiniones de Facebook

  • Wonderful, I love it I recommend everyone to have a good day and family.
  • I love it. It's like traveling to the past. Like being in a movie.
  • Ole for you that you keep alive even the best scenario of the film West…
  • This very cool and worth going to spend a very good family day.

TripAdvisor Reviews

  • Loved. It is a town in the West. In his sets have been filmed movies and commercials. Few workers, in fact involved in the same spectacle, are in charge of everything else (bar, Photos, shop, Entrance…). We were a couple with two children 9 and 12 years and really enjoyed it, were like family and we workers told us many interesting things, no other town in the West of a chain of hotels, is called commercial Oasis, more precisely we liked it to be more simple and familiar. Certainly, I recommend buying the entrance to the hotel, They gave us a drink for older and horseback riding for children (needless to say they loved, one of them accompanied the sheriff Entertainment). If you bought in directly there, did not have this extra.
  • The extraordinary personal, riding with good price and highly recommended even for children, friendly and worked Entertainment, decorated very real and varied, highly recommended to take a different day.
  • Best decorated West Almeria, great show of specialists who speak as if a story they were West, seems as watching a western movie in cinema, but in person, are pulling their horses, onto the sets, shoot, fights in the lounge, and more, the sets look somewhat old but it is and must be preserved, I have seen several movies such as 7 magnificent and you can see that the sets are also something old in that movie, and because it gives reality to the action, so the current state of the sets are excellent Fort Bravo, are thus to be Fort Bravo and keeps them in very good condition for shooting.

Opinion Yumping.com

  • We loved the experience. I had already been done 10 years, with reason, I remembered so well.
    A very charming and very welcoming working there and workers (decorated, ride on car, Entertainment, costumes of the time, swimming pool…).
    Congratulations to Fort Bravo!

Opinion Conmishijos.com

  • Fort Bravo is wonderful, My kids were in the best park in the west of Almeria, with so many celebrities passing through Fort Bravo to joy, cowboys and gunslingers do a very nice show West, recommend.

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