Rural Cabins – Bungalows






CAPACITY: 2 Number of people (3 with an extra) – Price per night: 75€ –Extra: 12€ if is a Kid or 25 € if is an Adult



CAPACITY: 4 Number of people (5 with an extra) – Price per night: 110€ –Extra: 12€ if is a Kid or 25 € if is an Adult



CAPACITY: 6 Number of people – Price per night: 160€

Our bungalows in Fort Bravo, are your accommodations stay at night in the wild west, letting the modern era and for enjoying of a wonderful landscape in the Tabernas Desert.
Our bungalows in Fort Bravo are fully equipped: air conditioner, heating, bedding sheets, TV with DTV, fridge and bathroom for you stay comfortable spending the night in the Wild West. If you book the bungalow in advance by e-mail, the ticket of Fort Bravo is free. The microwave is contracted with the book.
The rent of the bungalow lets you use all the services offered by Fort Bravo with the ticket; you can park your car close to the bungalow that you rented.
All cabins have an extra sofa-bed for one more guest; except the big bungalows.
Price of the breackfast: 3€/person.
Price of the lunch if you book the bungalow: 14,00€/person. *Only if the restaurant is open.
The arrival to Fort Bravo must be before the closing of the establishment (between 16:00 and 18:00 to pick up the keys) because we need to do the registration docs.


For book a bungalow the process is:

  1. Send an email (to "") in advance to ask about availability sending in it the number of people (adults and kids) and the date that you want; we will answer you if there are vancancy bungalows to stay with us.
  2. When you recieve the confirmation for those nights and all information on the conditions of the bungalows, you have to answer that you are interested in booking that bungalow and accept the conditions that we sent you at the email.
  3. You will receive an email with the bank account and all the data and you have to transfer the 50% of the booking and answer to the email with a the proof which shows the payment made to the account of Fort Bravo, finishing the booking process.


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